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Misc. US protest pix Grim reality of War on Iraq

Arlington East

Oct. 13, 2006: 2,759 US dead. Coast Guard Beach, Eastham
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Arlington East field of crosses

photo by Tom Turco

Raging Grannies confront military recruiters in Hyannis.

CCPJers in Washington, DC March against Iraq War, Sept. 24, 2005.

Cindy Sheehan honored for courage by Lakota Sioux in Washington, DC Sept. 24, 2005.

CCPJers in Washington, DC March against Iraq War, Sept. 24, 2005.

At Delahunt's office on 3/19/05, just after he voted for another 80 billion dollars for slaughter in Iraq (he voted against the funding which passed a couple of days later).

Eastham, 4/9/2005. Wearing green for peace at Representative Delahunt's Open House. Delahunt agreed to sign a resolution to plan immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq - and followed through.

Ignorance is bliss (passing demonstrators with hundreds of placards stating 'Worst President Ever') - DC 1/20/05. One sign said, "50.8% - What mandate, you nitwit?".
More pix of protests from around the nation.

June 26, 2004 People's Peace Picnic in Hyannis

Cape Codders joined a half million August 29 in NYC to protest the Bush administration. View the photos.
Photos from Boston's DNC.

Eyes Wide Open Exhibit:
a powerful memorial to those who have been killed by our government's thirst for oil, power and world domination. It acknowledges all who have died for this folly.

This travelling exhibit was in Falmouth July 15, 2004, and Chatham on July 16. For the full touring schedule click here.

Successful WILPF & CCPJ Memorial Day event on Mid-Cape Highway
People on overpasses at Exits 5, 4, and 3 and at the rest stop between exits 3 and 2 got overwhelmingly positive responses from thousands of motorists flashing peace signs, as demonstrators displayed the number dead from each country in the Iraqi War coalition. More at the WILPF website.
Over two Americans have been killed each day in Iraq since we invaded.
Click here to view 361 images that Bush/Rove/Rumsfeld don't want you to see. Sue Niederer said she was refused permission to see the return of her son Seth Dvorin's body as it was flown into the Dover base. Lieutenant Dvorin, 24, from the 101st Airborne Division, was killed in February while trying to disarm a roadside bomb, a task for which he was not trained.
Speaking from her home in New Jersey, Mrs. Niederer said: "They killed my son and they did not permit me to be there to see the coffin. They said it was for health reasons, and ... they did not want the public to see it and they did not want the newspapers there." She added: "They don't want any of this being shown because it's reality. A coffin strikes home. If you don't see the coffin you just say: 'Oh, there's another one who has died.' But when you show the coffin, you show families, you show people and emotions. This is what they are doing - this is what they do not want you to see."

NYC March 2/15/03 - when it could have been prevented...

Hiroshima - the center of the city.
Nothing is left standing except ferro-concrete buildings. Only rows of street show that this once was the busiest section. (US Army photo)
Skeleton of the Industrial Promotion Hall is preserved today as a memorial to the A-bomb victims and as a warning to future generations, with the help of peace-concerned contributors. (US Army photo)

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