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Press Releases
Other CCPJ publications
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CCPJ Press Releases:
Link Revised File size Description Author
Real Intelligence with Scott Ritter and Elizabeth de la Vega, July 31st 7/15/08 N/A Press Release for event at BHS Knight Auditorium Peace Action Committee
Staged Reading of Lee Roscoe's It Can't Happen Here, July 29th 6/19/06 145 KB Flyer for benefit at 4Cs Lee Roscoe
Training Materials for Cape Care 12/31/05 470 KB a Universal Health Care proposal for Cape Cod Brian O'Malley, et al
Open Parachute Film Series 12/30/05 76 KB Flyer for 1st full month of series Anne Spear
End the War demonstrations Sept. 24th 9/19/05 66 KB Press release regarding 9/24/05 March on Washington AND Hyannis Demonstration Diane Turco
Advance notice of Kathy Kelly Event 7/07/05 N/A Press release regarding 7/28/05 Barnstable event featuring 3-time Nobel Prize Nominee Diane Turco
Delahunt's Open Forum on Iraq 6/14/05 72K Press release regarding 6/18/05 Falmouth event to be hosted by our representative John DeWitt
Peoples' Peace Picnic 6/22/04 130K Press release for 6/26/04 event to 'Change the Course' John DeWitt
Receiving Bush on Cape Cod 5/28/04 HTML Press release that apparently scared Bush away from Cape Cod John DeWitt

Other CCPJ Publications:
Flyers, Handouts and more... these files may be updated periodically. The last revision date is posted here and typically appears at the bottom of the document. Permission for the free and widespread distribution of these resources is granted, provided that they are reproduced in their entirety.
Link Revised File size Description Author
CCPJ Brochure 3/30/07 216K Trifold about CCPJ w donor/contact tear-off Diane Turco & David Agnew
Handout on Iraq War & Imperial Presidency 2/22/08 252K Includes updated cost of war for each Cape town David Agnew, ed.
Late 2005 handout on Iraq War 9/4/05 264K Includes cost of war for each Cape town David Agnew, ed.
Flyer for 7/28/05 'Families Stand for Peace' event 7/6/05 164K Overview w speaker bios, related event schedule Peace Committee
Handout for Kathy Kelly Booksignings 7/7/05 119K schedule, review of latest book Peace Committee
What You Can Do 7/25/05 72K schedule, review of latest book Peace Committee
June 18 Poster 6/2/05 76K Delahunt forum on Iraq War - and CCPJ Rally Peace Committee
LRP Workshop Notes 6/2/05 56K ...from the breakout sessions - committee goals & additional recommendations LRP Committee
Challenge of 2004 presidential election result 12/29/04 61K Letter calling on legislators to challenge rampant election fraWd David Agnew
11/03 Hyannis War Protest Flyer 10/15/04 48K Please colorize or print on bright colored paper David Agnew
Bring the Troops Home Now 6/15/04 68K Ten reasons why. 1 pg. War Times & Jamie Kinney
Bring the Troops Home Now 6/15/04 208K Ten reasons why with graphics. 2 pg. War Times & Jamie Kinney
Why Billionaires Love Bush 6/15/04 240K Ten reasons to re-elect our pal, with graphics. 2 pg. Billionaires for Bush and Jamie Kinney
Before You Sign Up 6/15/04 140K Ten points to consider before enlisting, with graphics. 2 pg. compiled by Jamie Kinney
'What Price Empire?' 2/28/04 68K Flyer for 3/18 event at 4C's. Empire & Militarism ctte
DEPLETED URANIUM 6/17/03 85K Overview of the makeup, use, and health effects of DU. Stephanie Wall, M.D.
At What Cost (Pre-Emption) 7/14/03 209K The Bush Doctrine and the 'New American Century' plan for global domination. Walter Schenck
Our Vanishing Freedoms 7/11/03 273K A brief description of the 'USA PATRIOT Act', and other assaults on the Bill of Rights. David Agnew
Economics Primer 6/29/03 149K Why our country has had a social safety net, and why the administration is destroying it. Alice Weiss
On Propaganda 6/19/03 81K Some glaring examples of popular big-media lies. Kristine Keese

From Other Sources:
Link File size Description Source
Petitioner's Rights at Post Office -- From Section 124.54: Except as expressly permitted in these regulations, leafletting, picketing, demonstrating, public assembly, public address, and other similar conduct by members of the public will be permitted only in exterior areas of postal premises otherwise open to the public. US Postal Service Regs
Mass. Petitioner's Rights 972K Pronouncements from the Massachusetts Secretary of State regarding rights and responsibilities of those who gather signatures to place an initiative or candidate on the ballot. MA Secretary of State
Non-binding Town Ballot Procedure -- Details on how to get a Public Advisory Question on the Town Election (this is not about the town warrant / town meetings). Idaho Green Party
Military Opt Out 53K Form to prevent release of a high school student's information to Military recruiters as provided for by the 'No Child Left Behind' Act. Idaho Green Party
Not Just a Job 344K Some things to consider for those thinking of enlisting in the armed forces. Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
14 Characteristics of Fascism 48K Dr. Lawrence Britt found that 5 fascist regimes had these traits in common. Free Inquiry magazine
Fair Use Clause Original content © 2003, 2004, Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, all rights reserved. Comments and broken link reports welcomed.