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Arlington East

What does 2,759 look like?
Click images for more. Arlington East field of crosses

photo by Tom Turco

Arlington East w casket

photo by John Stewart

Installing Arlington East, a photo story

Presented by
Cape Codders for Peace and Justice and
Veterans For Peace Cape Cod Chapter

The Arlington East exhibit is available for display in New England. Flyer for Arlington East
By Billie Stewart
Veterans for Peace

Across the country
Arlingtons West, South, North and East
Communities put up memorials and flags
For another generation of sisters and brothers
Coming home in body bags.

Under the cloak of secrecy
While most of us are in bed
In the quiet night of darkness
The government brings home our wounded
and our dead.

So we can't see them, feel them,
find the truths to carry on
So we won't remember, least we forget
The last long war in Vietnam.
Arlington East Blog
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