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Six activists arrested at Delahunt's office
April 18, 2006, Hyannis: After waiting 5 months for any reply to their numerous letters asking their federal representative to sign on to HR4232, 11 members of CCPJ hand-delivered this letter to Mr. Delahunt's staff. They waited quietly and patiently for over 6 hours to speak briefly on the phone with their representative and to get an appointment to meet with him this week while he was in the district. When told that they'd be contacted in a few days, they weren't satisfied that the Iraq war was much of a priority with Mr. Delahunt. Diane Turco, Sarah Thacher, Debbie McCullogh, Dianne Ashley, John Hopkins and Robert Brown refused to leave and were arrested for 'trespassing'.
First-hand report from Debbie

While I was in jail I reflected on the story of Thoreau who was in jail in resistance to a war of the times. He was visited by Emerson, who asked him "What are you doing in there?" and Thoreau responded "What are you doing out there?"
While I was in jail a young man from Oklahoma lost both his legs to a mine, 9 bodies of Iraqis were dumped in the streets bound and shot in the head, a captain died in a roadside bombing........ the list goes on and on.
So commit yourself to one act, one little thing that you can do that is a step beyond what you have been doing. They are planning a widening of the war into Iran and we need to stop these mad men who have seized control of our country.

    - John Hopkins

'Hyannis 6' members John Hopkins,
Diane Turco, and Dianne Ashley

H.R.4232 seeks to prohibit the use of funds to deploy United States Armed Forces to Iraq. Delahunt voted against giving Bush authorization to invade Iraq and voted against each supplemental funding bill for the occupation... until last month when he voted in favor of an additional $67 billion for the war.
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