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The Declaration of Peace

Impeach Bush

Meet with the Mothers
Electiion Defense Alliance

bush commission dot org

convict bush and cheney

572 of the Iraq Children Killed
Eight to fifty times this many children were killed in the first 3 years of our war

Bush calls U.S. Constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper".

Zogby Poll:
52% of Americans Favor Impeaching Bush

Raging Grannies resist military recruiting in Hyannis
Cannon-fodder productions is located at 1 Financial Center (near Barolo's), on North Street toward the West end rotary.

Barnstable County leads Massachussetts in
Armed Forces Recruitment Rate

Place Number of Recruits Recruits per
thousand youth
U.S. 156,261 5.2
Massachusetts 1,957 3.3
Barnstable County 91 5.4
Plymouth County 202 4.7
Franklin County 26 3.9
Essex County 234 3.7
Worcester County 267 3.7
Hampden County 163 3.4
Bristol County 164 3.2
Berkshire County 43 3.2
Norfolk County 157 3.1
Middlesex County 360 2.8
Suffolk County 196 2.6
Hampshire County 51 1.8
Looking back: March on Washington Sept 24, 2005

Four young Cape Codders visit the nation's capitol
CCPJ press release / crowd estimate
Gallery of images found on web.
340 arrested in civil disobedience at White House on Sept. 26
Cape Cod Labor Day Demo to Bring the Troops Home
Families Stand for Peace: the Truth About Iraq.
Schedule of community-access TV airing of video
Press and follow-up of 7/28 Barnstable event.
Cindy Sheehan confronts Bush in Crawford, TX ...see compendium of news reports and Cindy's blog; also Cindy's Response to George As He Speaks from his Vacation away from his Vacation.
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